Summer Packing Picks

It is rare that I do a product plug but this is an obscure one that I think is worth it. We are beach people. That means since the day I was born I have spent every summer weekend at the beach. That also means we know how to do it from A-Z. What to pack, how to set up and most importantly how to put in our umbrellas. No joke this summer I heard a weird scream come down the beach and as I was putting my infant down on the blanket I looked up and saw this gust of wind just take out a stream of umbrellas. They were flying everywhere. As the craziness came towards us I jumped on top of Ollie to cover him and when it was all over there were five umbrellas on top of us. Like a magnet they all, of course, were headed towards the baby. When everyone claimed their umbrellas they were mortified to not only see that I was underneath but so was a baby.

Now the majority of the time we are completely surrounded by tourist down for the day. Majority of the time these are people that have bought an umbrella for the first time and are putting in an umbrella for the first time. I would like to suggest Noblo. Smaller than a clam shell you fill this nylon bag with sand, strap it to your umbrella and the next time a gust of wind comes ripping through your umbrella stays in place and…my family is safe.





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