Village Thrift, Camden, NJ

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Village Thrift
7533 S Crescent Blvd, Camden, New Jersey

Over the Ben Franklin Bridge and into NJ you will find Village Thrift. It is a great place to go but today it was an “ah-malzing” place to go. This is due to the fact that I was greeted by three packed racks of Halloween clothes and a fully stocked toy aisle.

Some of the costumes were used and some were not but every thing was in really good shape. From infant to adult they had a lot to choose from. What I thought was going to be a quick stop turned into an hour. The highlights of the trip were the two items I dropped off at the dry cleaners today. Halloween…check.

Deluxe Cowboy Horse Rider Costume:

I paid $7.60       Ebay with shipping $40+

Lillian Vernon Dinosaur Rider Costume:

I paid $7.60      Ebay with shipping $20-$40



I even got to snag a few shirts for the boys. My favorite is the mini Puma warm up jacket  but the toddler United Colors of Beneton shirt is a close second. Everything was under $5. There were also a ton of snow bibs so I picked up one for next year. Supermom….check. 


In the toy department I took a bold gamble and spent $9.40 (goes for $39.99 on-line) on a race track. The pieces seemed like they were all there but who would donate a perfectly good racetrack…right? I figure I was setting myself up for failure. Well the Thrifty Mom Gods were shining on me b/c the only thing that was missing was one of the 4 race cars. All 10 feet of track, controllers, and fire hoop all accounted for. Not only that but some of it was not even unwrapped yet and the stickers were still unused. 6 C batteries later our backyard turned into Indy 500. Weekend entertainment…check.


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