Fall Festivals: City vs. Burbs Showdown


As I mentioned before, this weekend had an overwhelming about of family stuff to do in Philly. On Saturday I went with Greensgrow in the morning and Midtown Village after nap time. 

Greensgrow’s did a great job with their Subaru Fall Festival. Greensgrow always seems to put a lot of care into creating thoughtful events. The place looked amazing and was crammed packed with pumpkins, food and free kid’s activities. As people lined up to drop off their pies for the pie making contest we sampled some great seasonal veggies and vegan treats. By the time we rolled out of there Henry had made a terrarium, painted a pumpkin, made apple cider, guessed the weight of the pumpkin and submitted his name for the new Greensgrow piglet (Pickle- genius).  

I also was obsessed for some reason with how pretty the set up was for ReAnimator Coffee. Never heard of them before but now I am all about it. Move over La Colombe there are some new brew kids in town. www.reanimatorcoffee.com


Click here to see all the great stuff Greensgrow had at the Fall Festival on the Hipster Henry Facebook page. 


The trip of “THINGS I WON’T PAY $20 FOR.”

The plan was to go to Woodsmere Art Museum in  Chestnut Hill and do the Hay Maze. Sadly when we got there and actually saw it we did a quick U-Turn. It is so small and basic I am not sure the thing would entertain our dog. Overall I think it is weird that they charge people to use this thing. I meant I think Henry is taller then the maze.

Fortunately Morris Arboretum is right down the street. So the 30+ minute trip was not a complete waste of time. Today was the Arboretum’s Fall Festival. I didn’t know anything about this so I was going in blind. Now the Festival is free after admission but I am not sure Morris Arboretum knows what free after admission means. It should mean after I get in there I should not really have to pull out my wallet again.

There are only two kid’s activities (besides the Zoo bringing animals in the afternoon). $2.00 for pumpkin painting and then scarecrow building. In theory great idea but there is a hitch. To build your family scarecrow they put out piles of clothing, giant pre made stakes, tons of hay and a pile of crafty type notions to make a face. Here is where the hitch comes in . If you would like a burlap square to make a face and some string…yeah that will run you $20. You heard me…burlap squares in the burbs cost $20. I have a design background but I am not MacGyver. We rigged a scarecrow head out of a T-shirt and totally beat the system. 

The only other thing I want to mention is that you have to park in the lower field and the shuttles they provide are not sufficient for all the families with strollers. So be prepared to hike up the winding hill all the way to the top. If I go back next year I am totally going to sell burlap for $10 at the gate but I don’t think this one will be going on our 2012 list of things to do. Oh and we decided we will be staying in the city. 

Click here to see our Facebook Album of the entire trip of us pretending we could hack it in the burbs!







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  1. Loving your blog. I just wanted you to know that although Chestnut Hill likes to pretend they’re not part of the city, they are indeed the NW section. My kid’s school is definitely part of the Phila. school district.

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