The Loot has launched!

Well I was going to wait to announce it on but I did a mini launch of this morning and the response has been crazy. For those of you that LIKE Hipster Henry on Facebook you already know this but if you don’t here you go:

It is official. After a few months of hard work we have launched The Loot I wanted a place on-line where I could sell things my family has outgrown and buy things we need without the creepiness of Craig’s List. is an invite only yard sale for Philadelphia ( and the surrounding area) families. Do you have stuff you have to get rid of and think other families might want to buy them? Ask for an invite to and get started! For an invite e-mail! Mention that you heard about it here! For those of you on the Liberty Babies Listserv…you were my inspiration.

If you have questions just shoot me an e-mail at or




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