Monkey Town

Monkey Town

(formerly Monkey Business)
5360 Rt. 42 ~ Whitman Plaza
Turnersville, NJ 08012
856-227-JUMP (5867)
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During the winter months I find you have to think out of box and by that I mean out of the state. My motto is: if is 30 minutes away or less we go.  I get the feeling that does not happen too much by a mom’s reaction that I was chatting with at our latest adventure, Monkey Town in Turnersville, NJ. When I told her we were from Philly…she said “Why are you here??”

Monkey Business is a cross between Bounce U and a kid’s gym. There are 4 bounce castles/ obstacle courses, a multi level net maze with slides and a Velcro wall. The Velcro wall is fun to watch but is not used that much.

We were there on a Saturday and although it was prime time (12:00) there was still enough room for me to put Ollie down to crawl without worrying about a toddler stampede (v. when toddlers break free from their parents and make a break for it. Often sugar induced.). That said I think this spot is best for 2 year old and up. The best time to start playing is 12:30 because that is when the birthday parties head to the upper level for pizza and cake.

There are also two small separate areas, one upstairs and one downstairs, for crawlers to play. Plus a lounge upstairs with two televisions and couches. A good place for both parents and little ones to take a break. You can’t bring in outside food because they have a cafe but I did see parent’s doling out a snack here or there. The items at the cafe are reasonably priced which is rare ($2.00 hot dogs, $1.50 drinks) and plenty of seating.

Over all if your bag of tricks is empty I would recommend this one. I do want to call out that I do not think parents are permitted to go in the bouncy castles with the kids. If your little one is shy that might be a little tough. I will mention that they are really nice here and if you had to go in with your little one I think they would be understanding.

Cost: $6.50 / child, crawlers and parents free ($5. toll for the Ben Franklin Bridge)

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Argh…Me + NJ + Map Quest = disaster. So I have provided the MapQuest Directions but advise you read my notes:

Step 5: You are not going to get onto the AC Expressway

Step 7-9: Monkey Town is just up ahead but on the other side of highway. You will see a sign for Whitman Road on your right which is a U-turn take that will take you across the highway. Cross over the highway and then you will make your first right which will put you in Whitman Plaza which is where Monkey Town is. Keep driving straight and Monkey Town is in the middle of the Plaza.

Things I loved

The teen supervisors actually pay attention, ready to help a little one and are smiley.

The person at the front desk check you in quickly and is energetic

You do not have to pay for crawlers

There are cubbies to stash your diaper bags and coats

Toddlers get a lollipop when they leave, which can reverse a meltdown

The parent’s are social and happy to help each other here. This has not always been the case when I venture to the burbs.

Weekly open play times: check here for the most up to date times

* Don’t let the packed parking lot freak you out. There is a dance school a few store fronts down that is really busy on the weekends.


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