Checking in: Shane’s Confectionery

Shane’s Confectionery

No.110 Market St. Philadelphia PA, 19106
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On the way back from lunch at Revolution House Ollie and I stopped in at Shane’s Confectionery on Market Street. I used to pass this all the time when I lived in Old City and wonder why this building was not either restored or sold. I figured I could grab the boys something sweet for later so I popped in.  While it is a sweet (literally) step back in time, with the giant, gold, manual registers and candy ladies in vintage attire it is a grown up candy store. Each piece of sophiticated chocolate combination is sold by the piece for $1.25  and up. They do have gummy candies and spice drops but they are so delicaetly discplayed I did not really think they were for sale. Overall there wasn’t anything I felt I had to have.  They do have a modern gourmet candy bar selection which I did take note of and is always great for the chocolate lover that has everything. Overall I think the shop is wonderful and enchanting (a word I never use) but until your little ones developed an appreciation for nostalgia I don’t consider it a kid’s destination. The sales staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful which I think is worth mentioning.

Side Note: I have to say after looking at their site and visiting the store the nostaligic / vintage feel is overpowering. The website reads like a novel and it feels like they are trying too hard. If you are just looking for a simple answer you have to sift through mountains of text and adjectives…honestly it was too much for me to tackle. All in all it seems like they are more concerned about branding then the amount of candy that is actually in the store.


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