1. Yes, once you pull in, you must keep driving towards the back – behind all the new homes. It takes a couple of minutes but you will see it if you keep going.

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    Hi Rachel. Thanks for the tip. We have been there and I love it. It is far for us but I like to add it to the mix every once in a while. Thank you for thinking of us that is super sweet of you. thanks for reading the blog too!

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    Hi Lizz, So the playground is open and not covered by trees but there is a giant covered picnic area right next to it where we ate our packed lunch. Hope this helps.
    Thanks for reading the blog.

  4. Hey, thanks for this post. We in Havertown really put a lot of volunteer man hours and money into Freedom playground, so thanks for noticing!

    I will say, though, you took the absolute worst, longest way out of the city. Never go that way, dude. That will take forever.

    Either go all the way out west Walnut to 69th street to Rte 3, or go 676 to 76, get off at the zoo, go through the park past the please touch museum, eventually after a left and a right (you’ll need to look at a map because I forget the street names), wind up on Lancaster ave (30), then take rte 1 to Earlington. Earlington to Eagle, left on Eagle, Right on Darby and go about a mile until you see the entrance to the Haverford Reserve. Or, from Darby take a left on Marple and take a right at the stop sign up into the park and right to the playground area.

    Anyway, don’t go 76 & Rte 1. That’s death.


  5. Thank you for the great description. It is a great park as you said. We enjoyed it all – from 2year to 11years old.
    By the way there is a faster way to get out of the city and avoid 76. Take the west river bank drive and at the first light take left and right connect to Belmont rd that take you to city line or haverford.
    Good luck and thanks.

  6. Thank you for the review of the Playground. Many People dedicated a lot of time to this park and have been working to maintain this park yearly. I would appriciate if you would contact me I have a few questions for you.

  7. We looked for this park at 3500 Darby rd, the address that was posted on this site and there was nothing there. I don’t know how to get this park. Can you please post updated links.

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      Hi! Sorry you were unable to find it. It is a tricky one and there is nothing on-line that is helpful. So I went back and tried to do some more digging. The playground itself has a FB page with zero info. The playground’s website that I was linked to is now gone.

      I have updated the site with the following instructions:
      3500 Darby Road what you type into your GPS. The thing is when you get there that address is a development called Harverford Reserve. You have to turn into Haverford reserve and at the end of the road is the playground and community fields and dog park.

      Thank you for letting me know that their website in no longer up and running and that I needed to provide my readers more information b/c the address itself can be confusing.


  8. I know this is an older post, but I stopped here this morning while I was out running errands in the suburbs. I learned about this playground through your site and it is a great place to play. My 22 mos. old didn’t want to leave. Also this was our second visit and both times we met very friendly moms and kids. Thanks!

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      I am glad you had a good time. And thank you so much for your comment when parent’s are reading about this as an option for their family it will be great for them to see. It is great to have more opinions.

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