1. I agree. I live in Collingswood & we maybe go three times a year. The time of day doesn’t usually matter, nor the day of the week. It is always busy & loud. Saturday mornings are usually the worst time to go because of their pajama breakfast which creates a crowd of people waiting inside & outside. When we do go I always stay away from their fried foods since they are very greasy. I get the Greek Chop salad which is very good & for the $8 pricetag you get enough salad in a metal mixing bowl to feed a family of four. My biggest complaint has always been the size of their tables & how much clutter sits on top. It is fun for the kids & if your child is having a meltdown it usually doesn’t matter since the noise inside can usually drown out the sound of a screaming toddler. But unfortunately I find our visits there to be overwhelming & not very enjoyable. I do think their breakfast menu to be the best way to go. But depending who is making your meal that day the quality of food can go from incredible to bad. & for a family of four you never usually leave a breakfast there without shelling out $30. I can go to any diner in the area & get a really decent breakfast for much less. So if I lived in Philly I would never be venturing over the bridge for a trip to the Pop Shop. We are a ten minute walk from the diner & rarely frequent there as it is.

  2. ***meant to write *** very active ** not ver acrive… where’s spellcheck when you need it???

  3. I would definitelly agree with you.. i live right down the road in westmont , Haddon Township (originally from Philly)
    and this is not anywhere we frequent much at all… fun place but there is usually always a wait and i have a ver acrive 2 1/2 year old lil boy who has no patiece waiting. i would suggest , albeit may sound a bit cheesy, the Silver Diner across from the Cherry Hill Mall. they have farm fresh and some organic selections, its always loud (which i consider a plus with my son)
    , service is super fast and friendly , the jukeboxes always entertain my son and on Tuesday nights the have kids night. i think it may be worth the
    bridge ride.

    P.S. checked out the Lara & Joe show at theNo Libs community center last week based on your suggestion… was lots of fun!

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