1. I love all your posts and always crack up when you mention suburban parents, because I am one but I went to school at Temple and take advantage of all the great opportunities the city has to offer….most of my mommy friends eyes pop out of their heads when I talk about going into the city for family fun!

    1. Author

      I do rag on the suburban parents a little. But it is only because I know that when it comes to activities what is available is sometimes a world apart. I actually feel more safe in the city…it too dark in the burbs. I may eat my world with all this Philly School nonsense. We shall see.

      1. It is truly amazing how so many people who live in the suburbs so close to a city like Philly do not take advantage of what it has to offer. That is part why I love your site, since you honestly review the locations/events I think it helps people feel more comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new. I say suburbs but really we are a stones throw from south Philly, in DelCo, and there are very limited options for kids activities that are good quality. I go everywhere with my daughter and thanks to you we have added a few new places to our rotation.

  2. thanks so much for the reminder. our vaca is in 6 weeks and i just ordered mine today as well …

  3. Great post thanks for sharing. It always seems that I went to the last minute to grab all the swimming gear for my toddler. Not this time just ordered his ” swimming monsters” on amazon for $23. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. Author

      I can be pretty last minute these days too. My pool bag is about the only thing I am on top of these days since I feel like I have to be ready at the drop of a hat to hit the pool. Hope you like the “swimmy monster!”

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