1. We have been going to the Kroc since it opened. I have to take breaks in winter as too cold. I have found lately it is too cold all the time, water and air surrounding it. I really love this place and have talked to many people about these problems there. It is just too cold for me to have fun now and the kids can’t stay in for long either. Any other families going and will express their concerns to the pool manager. Such a shame as what a great place to begin swimming with the zero entry. We homeschool so go during the day and less and less little ones coming.

    1. Author

      KC, thank you so much for your comment. now that we have been members for a year now I have the Kroc Center on my list of thing to revise. You comment about the pool and the air being too cold are dead on and the only issue that I have with being members there. It is something that families that are considering joining need to take into account.

  2. hi ya!

    when you say “slight deal on all if you do an annual membership”. are you talking like 10% discount? less/more?

    cheers! I am really interested in joining them and waiting for them to get back to me about public transit.

    thanks for all the great info your blog provides!! 🙂

  3. WHOA!!!! this sounds AMAZING!!! do you know off hand about public Transit accessibility? (i am going to look into it, just thought I’d ask)

    1. Author

      I don’t think you can get there directly from, say No Libs, but there were a ton of buses up there. If you find anything out let me know and I will post it. And WHOA YES this place is AMAZING.

  4. Thanks for all the great postings! I look forward to hearing about all your activities… I am a NoLibs mom–my little guy is 9mo old! So far we are huge fans of the Lara and Joe Show and we look forward to your other recommendations as he grows!
    thanks again-

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