1. I remember doing that trip several years ago. The Crayola “Museum” was merely okay, which was a bummer since my favorite gift for any occasion was always a 64-box of crayons. But, my boys enjoyed the National Canal Museum far more and it wasn’t very far away.

  2. Went today and HATED it. So poorly run. I was hoping for a visual my three year old could absorb about how crayons are made. Ah, nope. The “show” about how crayons are made had about 1/5th the seating needed for the amount of people and the standing room in the back where they could have had seating was just a waste. The man doing the demonstration rambled about things that meant nothing to kids and were just lackluster for adults. As an example, they had this thing on the wall kind of like the world population thing in NY and it was showing how many millions (billions?) of crayons have been made. The demonstrator referred to it but obviously no one but adults could conceptualize the number. Another time, he mentioned the number 12,000 (I can’t remember why) and I was thinking “no one cares.” Then, at the end, he handed out freshly made crayons to the kids and they all rushed the glass with their hands out. My daughter’s manners and waiting our turn was sorely punished as everyone else rushed in front of us numerous times. The “man behind the glass” model was so Un-interactive and un-engaging, that we walked out before it was finished and that was the whole reason I wanted to take her. As others have said in other reviews, it was basically a large space where kids could use Crayola products. It is by no means a “factory.”

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      Sarah, I felt the same way. I find that people with kids ages 6 and up that live about 20-30 minutes away are the only ones that really like it. When you think of Crayola you think of so much more. It is so not a destination location to go with your kids.

  3. OMG, you totally echoed my feelings on the Crayola factory! We went there two years ago, and I always tell people that I’m glad I got it out of my system, but save themselves 2 hours driving (each way from where I live in NJ), gas, tolls, and admission… and go to the store and buy about $40 worth of art supplies… you end up with the same thing! LOL

  4. I went to The Crayola Factory today with my 3 boys. 6, 5,and 2. HUGE DISSAPIONTMENT! What a waste of 3 hours in the car. I have cooler stuff in my craft box.

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