Last Dip

John B. Kelly Pool

 4231 North Concourse Drive, Philadelphia, PA.
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As summer winds down and the pools are closing around the city there is one more worth dipping into.  On the way back from our trip to the Shofuso Japanese Tea House  (review out this week) I finally saw the “West Phily” pool that I had only heard about but never been to.  You know the one that is right next to the Please Touch Museum.


To locals known as the “West Philly” pool. To the Philadelphia Parks and Recs its more official name is the John B. Kelley Pool . The one thing most city pool go-er will agree on is that is beautiful.  Yes I mean as far as city pools go but it is a far cry from it’s brick and cinder block counter parts. This pool is big, open and surrounded by grass. That alone is huge. The gorgeous lane after lane of lap swimming gives way to public swim every weekday from 1:00-4:00 pm.

The fact that is has grass to sit on or anywhere to is huge for me.  When we go to the pool I need to “set up shop.” So that we can stay for at least an hour before they lose interest.  Managing two toddlers in and out of the water by myself is hard but I think I could swing it at this pool.  It is a regulation Olympic size pool so the boys will need to wear their swimmy monsters for me to manage a trip with both boys.

The pool was closed but the lifeguards were totally friendly and let me come in and take pictures. It was the lifeguard that told me they were one of the last pools open and that they would be open until Thursday, August 23rd. The pool also has its own parking lot separate from the Please Touch Museum. This is also the first pool I have come across with a Facebook Page and it looks like if you ask a question they get back to you. Shocking!

To get there.:

If you are coming from Center City you want to go the same way you go to the Please Touch Museum and at the traffic circle you take Lanesdowne Road. You will see the pool right away and you can take your first left to turn into the parking lot.

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