Soup Kitchen for the 99% but makes you feel like the 1%


2146 E Susquehanna Ave

(Fishtown) Philadelphia, PA 19125

Hours M-F 9am-7pm Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

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I have never forgotten this line….A sandwich you make yourself never taste as good as one made for you. So true- which is why I am actually dying to pop back into  Soup Kitchen Cafe in Fishtown. There is nothing I love more then comfort food, eating food I did not make and not having to clean up afterwards.

Unless you are stopped at the light at Frankfort and Susquehanna Ave and look to your left you would totally miss the Soup Kitchen sign and chalkboard out front. But once you have your first bite you won’t be missing a thing. Their tagline is “Seriously Good Food” and after you check out the menu you know they are not joking. They start with a great foundation like meatloaf, crab, chicken, short rib or pulled pork. Then they hit you with the Cabot 2-Year White Cheddar, Pickled Red Onions, Smoked Bacon, Preserved Lemon and Tomato-Thyme Mayo. These are sandwiches to be desired, to be devoured and to be worthy of crossing Girard.

There are plenty of vegetarian options, always a soup of the day and a great list of breakfast all day items that I bet give Green Eggs Cafe the smack down. They also don’t cringe when you ask them to make you a milkshake.

As always there is plenty of parking in this neck of the woods. There were no high chairs when I was in there but I saw on their Facebook that they have them now! So they are family friendly…you will just have to watch the jalapeno-garlic aioli. I grabbed my stuff to go and headed to the park with Ollie who was in milkshake coma.  I would have no problem taking the whole crew here for dinner. The decor is a hip mix of wood and IKEA and the place is all windows making it bright and airy. I would suggest this off the beaten path spot for your next gossip girls meeting because these sandwiches are clearly having a Carrie Bradshaw moment!


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