1. I loved your piece. Glad Henry enjoyed it! I am Coordinating the effort to Save Kids Castle, perhaps you could help us get the word out. Here is some background…. Thanks to the drawings and ideas from thousands of children in the community and the efforts of over 3,000 dedicated community volunteers, who helped to physically build the playground and and the generosity of numerous sponsors, Kids Castle became a reality on Sunday, June 22, 1997. (This is a privately funded playground, no tax $$$ were used to build it)

    Kids Castle recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, however recent inspections and surveys of the castle indicate that the existing structure is in it’s final years. At this point in time, it requires immediate attention and aid despite regular and thorough maintenance by the Doylestown Township staff. HOWEVER It is imperative to mention that all the current equipment on the playground is safe for play and in compliance with the safety inspection. The Doylestown Township Maintenance staff performs daily walk through inspections and regular wear and tear maintenance. BUT WE NEED TO ACTION TO PRESERVE IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS!!

    The first step to saving Kids Castle is simply raising awareness because many people are unaware that the castle is at risk of extinction. We have established a “Save Kids Castle” committee and are about to launch an extensive fundraising campaign. If any of your readers want to join our effort they can sign up on line:


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      I actually thought of D the whole time we were there. He would have gone nuts. For you guys expect to get there and not see him for an hour or so.

  2. We just explored Kids Castle for the first time on Sunday. We explored other sites in Doylestown to make a day of it (Moravian Tile Works, Mercer Museum, Fonthill Castle not places for kids but kids Castle was my sons rewards for being good thru Tile Works.) I also saw a meet up group posted and articles about saving Kids Castle and I really wanted to get there in case it closes. (http://doylestown.patch.com/announcements/help-save-kids-castle) Tip, If you have an only child and don’t want to bash your head as HH mentioned I recommend taking a little buddy with your child. Another tip, parents wear sneakers! This place is so cool it’s hard not to want to explore yourself. I regretted wearing flats b/c I could not climb well inside. My son had blast and Grandpop got tons of great photos! My son also rolled down in the grass hill which triggered an asthma attack shortly after, so bring inhalers for kids with asthma just in case This allergy season is rough.

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      Kathleen thank you so much for your comments and awesome suggestions! I also so that their was an aviation museum on 611 in Horsham down the street. They had tone of interesting helicopter and planes in great colors. It was not big but a great add on.

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