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Can Do Playground

4361 Weldin Road, Wilmngton, DE 19803
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Can Do Playground is 30-40 minutes down 95 South from Center City. Now I feel very fortunate to have our local playgrounds but sometimes (ok all the time) I like to mix it up. So when local mom Natalie N. suggested a playdate there I was totally up for it.

Can Do is considered a boundless playground so it has been designed for both enabled and disabled children. The playground is really nice with four different sections. A sandlot, swings, large playground area and a smaller playground area. There are rock walls, tons of different slides, tubes, balancing equiptment, monkey bars and pretty much everything else you can think of. Since I am a city mom the first thing I notice is how clean everything is and the lack of grafitti art. The playground has a fence surrounding it but there is no gate to keep the little ones in. There are a ton of picnic tables and the playground is apart of a sprawling green space so bring your kite and picnic basket b/c there is plenty of space.

It was great that they had bathrooms- even though without a gate on the playground it was hard to manage the needs of both boys with potty training. The other moms there were nice and fairly social. Some more than others.



Can Do is a nice playground and I would easily take the boys back since it really was only about 30 minutes away. On a nice day in the Spring with a picnic lunch it would totally be worth it. If you are not one to travel for playgrounds or do not have a child with special needs then this one you might want to skip and stick to the mega ones like Kid’s Castle and Manderach Playground.


Directions: iMap and Google Map screwed me up so allow “ Maps” to get you there.

From Center City you hop on 95 South. You are going to drive approx. 31 miles down to exit 8B- Concord Pike. *As you drive out of the city you will PASS exit 8 Ridley Park. Don’t take that. The Exit numbers will start over again and you cross into Delaware.


In the parking lot you are expected to pay a fee but I didn’t and nothing happened. There is a lock box where are supposed to put your money. Not sure if this is more regulated on the weekends. I think it is a “state park” thing.

After you get off at Exit 8B- Concord Pike stay to your right and take Faulk Road. Then make a right on to Weldin Road which will be at the light. You will see a small sign in the ground for Can Do Playground. Turn in that first parking lot to your right. Can Do Playground is down the path and hidden by the trees.

There are no trash cans. There are however bags so you can take out what you bring in.

There are bathrooms with a changing table and they are very clean.

There are shovels and buckets in the sand lot but when a little boy walked in with a Tyco digger and big trucks the kids were in heaven so I would suggesting bringing those.



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