1. Excellent, well-written, and fun. I’ve been to the Barnes several times in Merion and once in Philadelphia. After reading Min’s article, I’ll definitely plan to take my grandchildren to take advantage of the outstanding activities that are offered.

  2. Lynn,

    We’re excited to try all of your children and family programs, and are looking forward to what’s coming up ahead!
    We think that Scavenger Hunts, Stroller Tours, Slumber Parties and Kids’ Art Fairs for all age categories at the Barnes would be swell! 😉


  3. On behalf of the new (!) Family Programs department, staff and volunteers @the_Barnes Foundation, I have to tell you that we were over-the-moon thrilled to read your insightful review of #ARTimeStorytime. Just how new are family programs at the Barnes? July 2012 new! We are in a process of rolling out programs for families; children 5 and younger; youth 6-12; and teens. Your astute observations, significant sightings, and warm response to these early efforts will certainly inform the process as we go forward. If anyone has ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to email: familyprograms@barnesfoundation.org. The overflow of wit and wisdom in the greater Philadelphia region cries out to be put to good use for the sake of our community’s children. Thanks again and see you at the Barnes again very soon!

    1. Author

      Hi Lynn,

      All the credit of that great review goes to HH.com contributing mom Min Derry and her little one. Right after I read it I signed my family up for the 11/16 PJ tour and we will be coming with a bunch HipsterHenry’s friends! Looking forward to it.

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