1. I completely agree with your review–including the parental observation. There are so many other great parks in the city–I doubt I will ever make a special trip there. My daughter lasted about 30 minutes or so before boredom set in, and she’s a serious “parkie”. If you live close to there, I completely understand why it would be a go-to park. But for the rest of us? Hmmm….not so much.

  2. Hi! I would love to know some of the local mom groups and forums! We just had a baby and I’m looking for folks to connect with. Is there a list or website you can recommend? THANK YOU!

  3. This (unfortunately) is my local park. I’m slightly younger than the general demographic and am usually mistaken for a nanny. It’s really difficult to be make friends- everyone is a little uptight/likes to throw around the stink eye.

    1. Author

      Hi Christina.
      Unsocial part really is a bummer. I think you will find NoLib’s Liberty Lands really social especially during the day! The Liberty Lands FAll Festival is coming up on Sunday October 28th. If you are looking for social moms please let me know. There are several great mom forums and groups in the city….if you are not already apart of them!

      1. I’m always open to new resources- please forward me links/names! Also, thanks for the heads up on the nlibs fall festival- we will check it out!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I think I would have felt the same. Your honest opinions always make me crack up a smile btw!

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