Soccer Shots PSA: For new parents.

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I am going to do a PSA for Soccer Shots because I think first season parents need to know that we have all been there. If you don’t know Soccer Shots they are a great youth (toddler) soccer program with several location in the city.

Here is the deal… Our first season with Henry (at age 2) he sat with me on the blanket eating snacks most the time. We did not push him we just let him try it out. Let’s put it this way I spent more time on the field then he did. When it came time to enroll in the next season I said No – Henry hated it and his Dad said do it. We enrolled Henry and what a difference a season makes. Henry (age 3) is now in this third or fourth season and he loves it. He listens, he can’t wait to go, he participates and I am all alone on the blanket.

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Ollies first yearThis is Ollie’s first year. He is a lot less passive then Henry and instead of sitting on the blanket he pitches a fit in fact most his team mates pitch a fit the entire time. I am here to say THIS IS NORMAL. As a parent this sucks for you b/c you can’t tell if you should push them to try it or stand back and let it ride. Today Ollie actually started playing and I have to say he did great till the last 10 minutes.

Yesterday I watched a Mom and Dad chase their son every 5 seconds who kept making a run for it. To that Mom I have to say….you did awesome. You kept at it and you made it through the whole session.

I have been there. I watch new parents every week and if you are thinking of trying it give it a whirl. The coaches are more than understanding with toddler moments and they keep the class moving. If you are having a first season just hang in there and know that next season will be a lot easier. Which is something no one tells you.

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