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3245 Amber Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134
(Port Richmond) / 201-953-0340

I think we have stumbled on another one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets. YAY CLAY in the Port Richmond section of the city. Founded by Keith Grabowsky, YAY CLAY provides adult, children and parent / child classes for all ages in free form clay and on the wheel. Another thing I want to call out is if you have a child that is dealing with ADHD, ADD or autism Keith has done some really great work and specializes in working with children that are affected by these issues.

Our Experience.

5. YAY close up of Henry

First thing I noticed Keith is kid centric. What I mean by this is he is high energy, uses silly words and the boys warmed right up to him when he said they could call him Mr. Noodle Brain. We took the small freight elevator up to YAY CLAY so if you are chlausterphopic telling you right now take the stairs. The studio is organized, fresh, bright, clean and intimate without being small.

2. YAY Studio whole room final

1. YAY Studio sink final

6. YAY henry and penguinThe boys sat right down and went to work on making surfing penguins. Again I have to hand it to Keith he kept Ollie’s attention making this big O’s most successful class to date. Keith keeps it fun, focused on the kids and has them create subject matter that they are interested in. The boys build each piece of their penguin and were very proud of their creations when they were done.

Next Henry moved over to the pottery wheel. (Ollie would have taken the mud puddle approach so he worked on making a duck with clay). I didn’t get on a wheel till high school and what a mess that was. Keith has Henry happily making a plate and a cup in a controlled manner with minimal mess. I never would have though to put Henry on the wheel at age 3 but with he right guidance he did awesome. Those two actually made it look simple and I have spent time on the wheel I not it is not easy.

7. YAY CLAY Keith and Henry

Why I am Recommending it.

8. YAY end photo

Any time your child can learn from a working artist that is as talented, young and as energetic as Keith you are getting a huge value in what they are being asked to do and exposed to. The room can hold eight children but the classes are kept to 2 to 4 to 6 kids at a time depending on the program so that they can get enough individual attention. YAY CLAY class kept my boys attention for 90 minutes. That is pretty amazing. Keith has run a very successful studio in the burbs and we are lucky enough that he has moved his studio here so we can now take advantage of it. It was also awesome that he had water and snacks which helped to keep the boys on track a bit.

9. YAY CLAY Henry with his creations

YAY CLAY can do small classes, birthday parties and is totally mobile. So next time you are thinking of hiring a balloon artist to entertain the kiddies why don’t you take it up a notch with YAY CLAY. This spot is not going to be a hidden secret for long….especially since I have just told all of you. The pricing is also really decent.  Just give Keith a call and let him know what kind of experience you are looking for! My recommendation is that if you are looking for something new in a really fun and warm enviroment you call Keith and talk to him about classes. He is very informal and really loves working with kids.

YAY CLAY is a ceramic studio that operates 7 days a week. The studio is open from morning until night and aims to work around parent and children’s schedules – so just let them know what days and times work best for you.

For all our picture of our experience at YAY CLAY check out HipsterHenry Flickr

Neighborhood: Port Richmond

10. YAY OutsideGet over it. My Rittenhouse Moms are going to have the toughest time with this and I get it. It is outside the beauty bubble…noted. When I lived in Rittenhouse I barely ever crossed over Spring Garden. Things have changed and you are free to move about the city in search of great classes for your kids.  To put it in perspective it goes Northern Liberties, Fishtown then Port Richmond. YAY CLAY is in a great old converted warehouse space on a wide street with tons of free parking. At night the street is also lit up like Christmas. I found it to be very Philly but very safe. So get your urban panties on and get over the area. P.S. this is in the same building as Wonderboy and Stun children’s clothing line if you have ever been to one of their warehouse sales.

How to Get there:

Take 95 North to Allegany Ave. Drive up Allegheny and make a right onto Amber Street. YAY Studio is in the second big brick warehouse space on the right. The building number is clearly marketed on the outside and it is a touch pad code entrance.


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  1. Love YAY CLAY! Took my 9 year old brother in a few weeks ago for a 2 hour session… he loved every second of it! Could not be more thankful to have met Keith and experienced his skill and talents. We can’t wait to go back to glaze!

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