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My Working Mom and Me

Workshop + Support Group

Center City Pediatrics 1740 South Street, Philadelphia, PA
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I would be lying if my first week of going back to work full time didn’t have me crying in the kitchen on Monday and wondering how I am going to juggle everything and not short change my boys. Which is why I think it is important to mention a class that is getting a lot of buzz over at Center City Pediatrics at 1740 South Street. 

My Working Mom and Me is a support group that was started after Lauren DellaCava & Allison Kessler Colby told Dr. Berger, founder of Center City Pediatrics, that there was no forum for new moms transitioning back to work.  

“It can be really isolating and lonely to not have built in support of other moms who are managing similar transitions. The class is there to remind moms that they aren’t alone, and to also remind them that we don’t have to “do it all.” We are all doing our best to be good moms, partners, workers, and sometimes we have to also remember to take care of ourselves too.” – Lauren

The class provides a confidential and non-judgmental forum for moms to discuss their real feelings about being working moms- with other working moms, facing the same transition.  Topic range but the major heavy hitters are:  guilt, logistics, guilt, scheduling, guilt, balance, guilt, pumping, guilt, advocacy, guilt, relationships, guilt, new and old you, guilt, self care, and more guilt. But in the end, they usually identify how incredibly hard the transition back to work is, but how it is doable and often gets better every day.

“Women who come in feeling very unsure about returning to work feel the transition will be more manageable.  Women who come in ready to go back feel more confident for the transition and pick up some logistical pointers to get them through.” – Lauren

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24246947If you are a working mom or getting ready to go back to work or you are like me and prefer to cry it out in the kitchen after you put the crew to bed you might want to register for the My Working Mom and Me Workshop or Support Group. The next Workshop will be on Saturday, February 22nd from 10:00 to 11:30pm. You can find more information about both session on the CCP website. Space is limited and registration is required so if you are the least bit interested please make sure you sign up. You do not have to take your kids to CCP to participate. CCP classes are open to all families in the city. 

Full disclosure: I do work for Center City Pediatrics and it is where I have always taken my boys. If you read my website then you know I rarely mention any programs they do. I do however have no problem mentioning programs that have a proven track record of helping moms. This is one of those times. 

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