Dark Star Pirate Cruise

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Dark Star Pirate Cruise

6200 Park Blvd, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 

(609) 729-3275 visit website>

DSPC_PIRATE OUTFITWhen a deal for the Dark Star Pirate Cruise popped up on Living Social I grabbed a few and this weekend I treated everyone to a pirate themed Sunday. The Dark Star Pirate Cruise leaves out of Wildwood Crest, NJ. You can buy pirate stuff when you book your tickets but I decided to stop by Halloween Adventure and grab my own stuff. I went overboard and got them hats, hooks and….maybe a parrot for their should. That might have happened. I got the boys outfitted and off we went. There were a bunch of kids dressed up so feel free do what you like.

There was plenty of free parking right across the street from the Starlight Fleet Harbor. Once you get to the harbor the ticket office is around the corner. While you are getting that squared away a pirate crew members has her face paint ready and gives the little ones a quick pirate mustache or beard.

From there you hop on the ship and off you go. The whole boat is open with seats for the parents at the stern and the children sit starboard. That said everyone is really involved during the 60 minute adventure around the bay.

Everything kicks off a little slow but I promise you it picks up. The crew consist of the Captain, two pirate crew members and your man behind the wheel. They entertain the kids and loop in the adults as well with their antics and jokes. It did take the boys a bit to warm up. Honestly I think they were just confused. They knew it was not a real pirate ship but to them a lot of real things were happening. They were not scared just shy.


However they warmed up when the pirate treasure map was busted out and the Jolly Rodger was hoisted. Mid-way through the cruise you start to look for treasure but you are “attacked” by another pirate that is also looking for treasure. The “attack” is a rouge pirate that is in a little speed boat that circles your ship. At that moment the kids are told to man the cannons and all the cannons that line the ship turn into powerful water squirters. There is no trigger to pull they just have to aim it at the rouge pirate to protect the ship. This is perfect for the younger ones and makes it really easy for everyone to participate. Around the rouge pirate goes giving the kids plenty of chances to get him. The boys loved this part. The great things is this happen twice during the cruise and by the second time the kids know exactly what they are doing. Everyone does get a little wet during this part but nothing crazy.

DSPC _rouge

The cruise wraps up with the pirate limbo and  everyone helping to pull a treasure chest out of the sea. Each child get’s a piece of treasure and then is sent over to the Captain who serves them some grog…which turns out to be root beer in a little plastic pirate cup they get to keep. By this time the boys were ready for a break and loved that it was root beer. They settled back on their benches and we headed back to port.  The boys got their official pirate certificates and they were all set.



The boys had a great time and already asked to do it again. I think you only need to do this once but the the experience was really fun. At 60 minutes it is just long and short enough to be enjoyable. The crew is sweet and makes sure all the children are involved. All the kids wear name tags and they address them by name and incorporate them in everything. I think the boys have a very happy mix up fun and confusion as they tried to figure out if the whole thing was real or not. The ship is also very clean and and new looking. Your not taking off on a rickety bucket. The Living Social deal made it easy for me to invite the grandparents so I would keep an eye out for another one of those. I did find a $2.00 off coupon in the This Week in Cape May booklet. You should be able to use the promo code TWICN14 to take advantage of this. 


Good to know.

DSC_0487Booking the tickets did not go off without a hitch. When I called to book it I could not get anyone on phone. So I emailed with our Living Social voucher numbers and someone did get back to me. The weekend of the cruise I went back to the email to confirm everything and I noticed they confirmed the right day but the wrong date. I emails to confirm we were set for the right day and date and then in the end 2 hours before we were supposed to leave they canceled the cruise b/c they did not have enough people. We had to rebook for the next day at 11:00 a.m. I’ll be honest I did pitch a tiny fit b/c at that point I was worried the entire thing was either never going to happen or be a total disaster….which thankfully it was not. You might want to confirm your cruise the morning of – just in case.

Tipping is expected at the end of the cruise for the crew. You can place your gratuity in the Captain’s hat on the way out.


Pick the right time because if you take a cruise during the day it is going to be hot out in the bay. You do leave port and drive around the bay but you are never really moving fast enough to be cooled off by a breeze.

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