The Oval

The Oval big picture


Pop-up’s are all over the city this summer. After a trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art for their Art Splash program we walked over to The Oval’s pop-up on Eakin’s Oval. Eakin’s Oval has been transformed into an explosion of color and fun. Philadelphia Artist Candy Coated (formerly Candy Depew) gave the pop-up its background with her magic carpet design. Candy Coated is most recognizable to me by her trademark diamonds in all her work.

The Oval Giant Chess

You really cannot get more family or budget friendly then this pop-up. You will find ping-pong tables, corn-hole or bean bag toss (depending on where you are from), sprayers, giant chess and checkers and mini golf made from nature (but trust me it is cool). You will find the golf clubs and ping-pong paddles at the info table. But the thing that the kids went bananas over were the two neon pink sandboxes. Like bears to honey every little ones that was there ripped off their shoes and sock, threw them into the air and dove in.

Oval Pink Sand

Then it just becomes a back and forth from the sprayer to the sandbox. If you kids are like mine and go all in you might want to pack a towel and a change of clothing. Go on a hot night and they will air dry before you get to the car. Just to note I am still finding pink sand all over my floors.

The Oval sprayer

There is a beer garden for the grown-ups and food trucks for everyone. My boys were so busy that not only did they need me and I got to watch them play from the complementary Adirondack chairs but they did not ask about or mention food once and we were there for a long time. We closed the place down and headed back to our car dirty, tired and very happy as the sun finally disappeared for the day. While we were there a free fitness class and swing dance lessons happened. Click here for a full schedule of event at The Oval


If I have one ding against The Oval it would be the bathrooms. Porta-potties are never pleasant but the bathrooms at The Oval are especially horrible. My youngest really needed one and had a panic attack when I took him in the first one. He eventually used one but as a mom I felt horrible. They are a mess. To top it off there is nowhere to wash your hands but the sprayers and each one was out of hand sanitizer. If you are going to have a busy city space that caters to children I think you must have some sort of standard for bathrooms where there really are no options. Be sure go before hand and park your own hand sanitizer. Once you are there it is your only option.

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