Make-up Artist: Kristyn Rudnet

Kristyn RudnetMake-up.  Almost every time I have sat in a make-up chair I feel amazing until it is all done and I look in the mirror. So far I have not found anyone that can work with my hooded eyes and red-head features.
Which is why I am sharing with you my experience with Kristyn Rudnet the new make-up artist at Crimson Salon. The owner Jen at Crimson has been helping me reach my full potential for 10 years so I trust the people she hires. After a hair cut from Jen I hopped over to Kristyn make-up chair armed with a picture of Nicole Kidman I had been carrying around for two months.

Kristyn worked with my hooded eyes, my invisible eyebrowns and my fair complexion without making me look overly done up. The look was natural, clean, and it carried me from my very important lunch date to my very important happy hour with the girls.

Kidman side by side

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KR Collage


photo credit of Kristyn Rudnet: @cheyennegil


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