How to throw a dinner party at Balboa

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How to throw a dinner party at Balboa

Balboa, 2109 E. Susquehanna Ave. (Look for the fork)

Last Sunday I threw a Mother’s Day Brunch for 20 Mamas.  I love creating a menu, the hub-bub of a busy kitchen, baking, the buzz of the kitchen timer, and eventually calling everyone to the table for a wonderful meal. In theory all of that sounds great and really appeals to my Suzie Homemaker side. However these days I live in 750 sq ft and my days of having large dinner parties is currently on hold. This Mother’s Day I thought it would be great if I hosted and (wait for it) ENJOYED MYSELF AT MY OWN PARTY.  Thankfully the solution to my space and hostess with the mostess problem was only a few blocks away at Balboa Supper Club. Balboa is the brain child of Chef Alex Garfinkel. He cooks and you join your friends at Balboa’s giant 20 person table. Sounds easy? It is and here is how you do it.

Balboa BAr

  1. See what dates Balboa has open. 2. Let Chef know if you have any culinary requests. I am a huge fan of just letting chef’s do their thing so I didn’t not have any. 3. Chef Alex will send you a menu about 30 days prior to your event. 4. Send the menu to your guest. 5. 48 hours before the event let Chef know if any of your guests have any dietary restrictions. 6. Show up with your beverages of choice (Balboa is BYOB) and enjoy.

Balboa Charm-pagne bar

During the day Balboa sits among a row of houses and you would not even know it is there. The morning of my party Balboa’s door was wide open and easy to find with the smell of bacon, lobster scrambled eggs, Challah French toast, and waffles (you get the idea) wafting down the street. Everyone arrived with a bottle of bubbly, which we quickly mixed with one of the three freshly made juices. (CHEF ALEX TIP: For bloody Marys Chef emulsified tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil. It gave it a creamy texture and tasted delicious.)

Balboa food 2

From there Chef brought out amazing dish after amazing dish. Want poached eggs with homemade English muffins? Done. Yeasted waffles with lemon cream and strawberry jam, yes that happened. (CHEF ALEX TIP: Why “yeasted” waffles? Waffle batter has a short shelf life. Using yeast instead of baking soda lets you prep the batter the night before and allows the flavor to grow over night.) I have included the full menu for you below but just in case you were wondering we all went back for thirds. I am not at liberty to tell you how many beverages we consumed.

Balboa Gang

The event was a wonderful way to catch up with my friends, uninterrupted by the needs of our beautiful children, and I think I actually finished several sentences and completed thoughts. Chef Alex and his team took care of everything and I literally was just a guest at my own party. It was also really cool to be able to ask him about his cooking and learn different ways to prepare things.
To throw your own easy as pie brunch or dinner party or attend one of their monthly Supper Club dinners call 215.798.0036 or email Balboa.
But do it quickly because I could see the wheels spinning of everyone I invited on what they were planning to host at Balboa.

Balboa Menu

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