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Society Hill Playschool
418 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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I am still amazed by the new things I find, stumble across, or are invited to visit in this city. Society Hill Playschool is my newest find but I am certainly late to the party on this one. Nestled in a quite courtyard, you could walk down Lawrence Street and never know Society Hill Playschool was there. The only giveaway is the morning line-up of red trikes that hide just beyond the playschool’s Secret Garden-esqu entrance.

SHS Playroom

The playschool is broken up into three different groups with all groups having access to the giant and brightly lit playroom / classroom on the first floor. Here children are able to run around with their friends, play with the different toys, and on rainy days the room is transformed with gymnastic equipment and other productive ways for the kids to get their energy out. A space like this in the city in pretty rare. The kids also have a protected and semi-private place to play right outside the playschool doors (this is where their red trikes wait patiently for them).



The space is great and will easily check off a lot of boxes for parents when it comes to what they are looking for: clean, large, bright, happy, warm, safe. But that is not the school’s greatest asset.

If a sense of love and community is what you are looking for (and let me tell me you it should be because my preschool mom friends are still some of my closet friends) then that is what you will like about Society Hill Playschool the most. It is hard to convey in words but there is a bubbly, warmth from all the teachers and a genuine love and energy for the children at the playschool. You can see the ease and comfort the children have with their teachers and their friends. It felt more like a community coming together than a playschool where you drop you child off because you have to go to work. After visiting Society Hill Playschool it does not surprise me that they had one of the highest response rates during our parent survey.

Let’s dive into the fact that am not Jewish and either are 50% of the families that make up Society Hill Playschool. Truthfully, when I was looking for a preschool for Henry I would have never looked at Society Hill Playschool because we are not Jewish. First, I didn’t know that half of the playschool families were not Jewish. Second, I would have thought that my kids would be considered outsiders. Third, I would have thought that we would mess something up by not knowing enough about Jewish culture. Although everything I am saying sounds very logical, after actually visiting Society Hill Playschool it is very naïve.

Your family, Jewish or non-Jewish is welcome. The playschool actually celebrates the diversity of its community of families. Jewish holidays are celebrated and Shabbat is celebrated each week. Having a sensitivity and strong understanding of Jewish culture is something my boys could have really benefited from… not to mention me too.

Make sure you add the Society Hill Playschool to your preschool list!

Worth Mentioning:

  • Society Hill accepts children ages 2-5
  • Society Hill Playschool has a designated Pre-K group and classroom. If you have a child that is going to miss the September Kindergarten cut off it is really important that you find a preschool, daycare, or playschool that has a Pre-K program. It is my only regret with my youngest, Ollie. I can see now that he could have really benefited from a Pre-K only program.
  • Society Hill Playschool has very flexible hours for working families. Half-days or abbreviated schedules are also not a problem. I got the impression that outside of the Pre-K program a parent could create a schedule that worked for them.
  • Society Hill offers a summer camp.

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