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Balboa Supper Club

2109 E. Susquehanna Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125 / website

creed imageFishtown, Fish-Kensington, Port Fishington, whatever you want to call it, is having a moment when it comes to new restaurants. Let’s talk about Balboa Supper Club and its creator Chef Alex Garfinkel. Chef was the caterer on the set of the Rocky movie Creed. When the filming ended Chef bought and rehabbed a building on Susquehanna Ave and named it Balboa (for obvious reasons I assume you now understand).

So how does it work?  You register in advance for a spot at Balboa’s 20 person table. Chef creates a menu and post it 30 days before the event. If you have any dietary restrictions you shoot Balboa an email and let them know. On the date of the event doors open 30 minutes before dinner time, you arrive with your wine in hand and enjoy an extraordinary coursed dinner which is prepared by Chef only a few feet away. Balboa is BYOB so you can bring whatever wine or libations that you desire.

Here is a deconstructed view of Balboa during the day sans all the candles and white linens that will be there for your dinner of course…


If you are a real foodie this is a great opportunity to be one on one with a chef and his cuisine in a very intimate setting. Grab 20 of your friends for a private dinner or just one and be prepared to make friends over a great meal.

Balboa BottlesCheck out some menus of Balboa’s next two events:

I will be bellying up to the table at Balboa’s Mother’s Day (ladies only brunch) with some of my closest girlfriends on Sunday, May 8th. We are choosing to start our Mother’s Day a little different this year. This is really the only day we can justify putting ourselves first anyway.

Hipster Henry readers can get $10 off each reservation (must be booked in advance) when they use the code HIPSTERHENRY at check out




Soft poached runny eggs Brown butter and thyme hollandaise, grilled asparagus, served on English muffins (baked in-house!)
Scrambled eggs Ala George Costanza Lobster scramble with fines herbs
Yeasted waffles Vermont maple syrup, whipped lemon cream, strawberry jam
Stuffed challah french toast North star apples, Vermont maple syrup
Potato and sausage hash brussels sprouts, sweet Italian sausage, fingerling potatoes, served with a spicy romesco sauce
$35 / person after the discount
Amuse Bouche
Lobster Hoagie
Bread Service
House Dinner Roll
Ramp butter
Spring Salad
Petite greens, smoked carrot, pickled spring onion, lemon verbena vinaigrette, beet and cashew butter
Ramps, peas, morels, shaved Guanciale, parmesan
Golden Tile Fish
Brioche crusted, braised artichokes, roasted sunchoke pure, pickled raisins
Palette Cleanser
Mint and fennel and orange sorbet
Milk and honey
Blueberry flower honey custard, malted milk sponge cake, aged honey,
roasted dates, puffed grains white chocolate
Bacon Crisp
$65 / person after the discount

To learn more about Balboa’s Supper Club, Farm Dinners, and Upcoming Events click here.

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