A Lesson in Parkour

HFS Parkour hanging


(harder. faster, stronger)

2869 Cedar Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134 (Port Richmond Ya’ll) / (800)-238-9980

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par·kour /pärˈko͝or/
The activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.
To a mom of two little boys it is the silver bullet of getting their energy out. I mean some times they roll out of their room wrestling. I wish my couch and ottoman the best of luck this year as we enter our 4’s and 6’s because it is pretty much every man and mom for themselves these days. But now I can take the action out of my living room and into a new place…


HFS Blocks


Enter HFS Parkour located in Port Richmond (which is the neighborhood past Fishtown). Owner Lewis took a giant warehouse space and converted it into an active’s child’s dream. There are monkey bars, a curved wall to run up, crash pads, plywood barriers, a foam pit, walls to jump off of and on to ….you get the idea.
HFS jump over
At the class for ages 5-6 there was Lewis, the owner, and two assistants. The class was larger than normal so they broke it into two groups which was awesome. Just to clarify there are girls in this class. That night there were 3. And just to double clarify I do Spartan Sprints and it was important to me that the boys come see me race this year. I am all about little girls attacking a plywood wall like nobody’s business. One little girl was Parkour’ing in a skirt and tights. Hats off to her. I could not swing that. So if you have a rough and tumble girl this is perfect.
HFS Bent WallMy boys were very excited and were basically like Mexican jumping beans. Lewis was really good with them and all the other kids. When kids would jump out of line to jump on the equipment he would gently go over and ask them to get back in line. No yelling, no frustration just calm and direct. I did talk to Lewis and he said he would consider doing more open gym time for this age group as part of the session. I just appreciate that he is flexible in doing what makes the most sense for the kids. Below I have attached the latest schedule from the 5-6 age group and the 7-4 age group.
So what did they do?
First thing they did was line up and learn how to tuck and roll. You know…. stunt double style so they can basically learn the safe way to fall / hit the ground. Then the kids had to run up to a wall and grab the 2×4 that was nailed into it and pull themselves up. Then they had to shimmy to the edge and jump off into the crash pad. After that they broke up into two teams and did a relay race of jumping up and over plywood boxes and tumbling. Lastly they had to run and hoist themselves up a wall to jump in a foam pit. The boys did awesome and loved the class. It is odd that they can do all that yet putting on socks in the morning is apparently impossible #huh. And if you are a mom with very busy and daring kids like me….ya kinda wanna hug Lewis and his staff for opening HFS. Just saying.
HRS Crash Pad
HFS tumble Foam pit L
*As we were leaving the 7-14 year old class came in and what a difference. Those kids were swinging and jumping off things like monkeys and proudly comparing battle scars and bruises from past classes.
*If there are any moms out there that want to check out the Wednesday night adult class with me and some friends please let me know. I am a sucker for this stuff…I love it.
HFS is kindly giving HipsterHenry.com readers 10% off the
membership fee. Use promo code HH-HFS-14
What you need to know.
Go early to your first class b/c you need to fill out a waiver and watch a safety video.
If you are a parent sitting there it is a little chilly b/c it is a warehouse space. Grab your sweater.
Take a water bottle b/c they do take water breaks.
There is plenty of free and easy parking.
There are a ton of videos on the website to see exactly what goes on.
Check out the pricing structure. After the sign up fee and if you buy a class pack it can go down to $13/ class.
Schedule. (as of when this was written on 11/25/2014)
Please always confirm the schedule with the location before going in case a change is made by HFS that is no reflected on Hipsterhenry.com.
10:00am – 11:00am (ages 5-6)
11:00am – 12:00pm (ages 7-11)
5:00pm – 6:00pm (ages 5-6) followed by 15mins. of monitored open gym.(end 6:15)
6:30pm – 7:30pm (ages 7-16)
5:00pm – 6:00pm (ages 5-6) followed by 15mins. of monitored open gym.(end 6:15)
6:30pm – 7:30pm (ages 7-16)