Ashbridge Playground

Ashbridge Playground

1301 Montgomery Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19035

It is super rare that we are on the Main Line because I find it more congested than the city and I try to use 76 as little as possible… but the last time we were up there  (this winter) we passed Ashbridge Park playground and it looked awesome. I made a mental note to check it out once the weather was warm.

Ashbridge Park is located in Bryn Mawr and with 76, City Line and Lancaster Ave. traffic you are looking at a good 35 minutes. This does not fall in my 30 minutes or less average travel time for our adventures but even with the commute this spot gets a thumbs up and is worth the drive.

Ashbridge Park is like a mini Smith House Playground. There is tons to do and everything is super nice.  The park is laid out with equipment for both toddlers and big kids. There is a spider web jungle gym, a rock wall slide, a super thick rope walk, mini houses to run in and out of, slides galore, your standard old school swings and a few things I had not seen before. Also there is a ton of open space to play in. Worth nothing that the playground is fenced in on two sides which helps keep the kids out of the parking lot.

 I would recommend doing what we did and pack a lunch, some soccer balls and a blanket and make morning or afternoon out of it.  There is a large really nice outdoor tent with tables but the locals kind of sprawl out and take that over pretty quickly.

I have to say the Main Line Moms did not bother me as much as I thought they would. There was a gingham shirt, popped (incorrectly I might add) collared Mom that was not up for watching her adorable male child that she dressed like a girl and called him a menace as we were leaving but other than that it was fine.


For more picture of this awesome playground go to HipsterHenry Flickr

How to get there:

*76 is a crap shoot so the next time I go I am taking Kelly Drive

Take Kelly Drive to City Line Ave. Go all the way up past St. Joe’s and make a right on Lancaster Ave. Go through a bunch of those Main Line towns until you get to N. Merion Ave. Make a right and then make a left on Montgomery Ave.  At the 2nd light you will see the park on your right. Go through the 2nd light and just after that is the entrance. There really isn’t a sign so be careful not to miss it.  As you enter the park the playground, mini vans and SUVS will be on your left. There is tons of parking.



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