Battleship SS New Jersey, Camden, NJ

Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial
62 Battleship Place
Camden, NJ 08103
Main number: 866-877-6262 or 856-966-1652 
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Let the Battle Begin!

At the end of the Ben Franklin Bridge you will fine four main family attractions> Riversharks Ballpark, Adventure Aquarium, Camden Children’s Garden and Battleship New Jersey.  As you enter NJ from the Ben Franklin Bridge you are going to make you first right at the base of the bridge and then your first right towards the water and all in a row are the four attractions in the order I listed above.

At 45,000 tons and 887feet long the Battleship New Jersey is impressive as soon as you see it. The inside is a complete blast from the past and at times looks like a sailor’s version of Mad Men. Especially the Admiral’s Quarters.

Immediately you cross the gang plank and are standing below the enormous gun turrets at the front of the boat. We have a great time climbing all the different levels. Henry got to explore every section of the ship and never complained. You see the admiral’s quarters, climb into the ships legendary 16″ gun turrets, check out the bunks, chow hall, barber shop, brig, and memorabilia in the various museum sections. At the end of the tour you climb you last ladder and emerge onto the helicopter pad. Turn the corner and there is the actual helicopter. The boat also offers a lot of great views of Philadelphia’s riverfront. To see all our photos from our trip click here.

Let’s go over some family basics:

1. They have a few different kind of tours to pick from. But they advised us to do the self guided tour since we had little ones. Which made sense. There was no point in making Henry try to keep up with a group. We were here to explore.

2. You may not carry little ones on your back. This is because of all the tight stairwells you will be on. I carried 8 month Ollie in front of me and I was fine. Although I do recommend that you use a carrier where they face you and not face out.

3. Stroller friendly- No, No and No. I guess Baby on Board does no apply to sailors. You have to have a carrier. See above.

4. There is lugging involved. I mention this because you will have to help your kids that are under 5 a lot. There is a 5-10 minute walk from the parking garage to the battleship. There are tight ladder steps that you take to go up and down to get to the various levels.

5.  Parking is $8.50 and in the parking deck closest to the battleship they only accept CASH. In the adjacent Adventure Aquarium parking lot they accept credit cards.

6. There is a shuttle that will take you down to the battleship from the parking garage but that is really by chance and “runs every 10 minutes.”



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