Camelback Mountain

Camelback MTN

Camelback Mountain
301 Resort Drive, Tannersville, PA 18372

IMG_9628I love testing out new places and experiences with the boys. Last weekend we decided to stop off at Camelback Mountain for a little skiing on our way to Skytop Lodge. It wasn’t until I paid the crazy price for lift tickets and equipment and I was standing at the top of a hill with a timid 5-year-old and a dare-devil 6-year-old that I realized I might have been over-confident on this one. There was no magic carpet at this bunny slope, just a two person chair lift. That meant that Henry would have to do the chair lift all by himself because there was no way I could send Ollie alone. We watched a few boarders get off the chairlift then Henry strapped on his snowboard and down he went. I put Ollie between my legs and we worked on pizza (a.k.a snowplow) and down we went. Before I could catch up to him Henry was in line and on the chairlift. We got on behind him and I just hoped for the best. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Both boys did great on the lift and it was a Thursday so the mountain was empty. That was key because when they did fall after they got off the chairlift there was never anyone behind them.

We had a great day and I would ski Camelback again but here are some tips on how to make the trip a good one for your family.


1. Go during the week. The place is empty and it is so much easier to manage. Between getting lift tickets and parking it is a breeze.
2. Understand that the young adults that work there are slightly miserable and do not think you and your little family are funny or cute. Not. Even. A. Little.
3. Day One I rented equipment at Camelback. It was easy and the standard Burton snowboarding gear for kids is always so nice and easy to use. Rental cost $37 each.
4. Kids 5 years old and under ski for FREE. Whew! Because lift tickets are expensive.
5. Stash your stuff in a cubby. There are a ton of cubbies in the main lodge / cafeteria area. Which is located directly above the ski rentals.
6. Grab a bite in the main cafeteria. It was overpriced but easy. Want to make it even easier pack lunch, toss it in the cubby, and you’re done.


1. Then we checked it out on a weekend. Holy moly was it packed. TheĀ  empty lot we parked in during the week turned into the fancy lot and cost $20.
2. Day Two I caught on and we rented equipment at one of the three places you pass on the road to Camelback. We rented from Alpine and it was $19/ each. If you are okay with making an extra stop then this is the way to go. They are busy in there but friendly and helpful. The return process was super easy. I was in an out in 5 seconds.
3. Buy your lift ticket on-line. The lines to get lift tickets moved but still it was an extra 15 minutes that I could have saved.
4. The giant lodge / cafeteria was packed. I mean every seat possible was taken. We grabbed lunch at the CBM eatery which is at the base of the Sunbowl a.k.a the bunny hill. Limited selection but so easy.
5. Don’t plan on going tubing. The line was a mile long first thing in the morning and was that way when we left in the afternoon.

The hardest part was day two when I went with the boys on the weekend. Saving money by renting the equipment at Alpine was smart but I did pay the $20 to park in the closer lot on Saturday. There was no way I could park at a lot miles away, get all the boys and their gear on a shuttle then get the boys and their gear off the shuttle by myself. Next time I will rent off site but have a giant bag to carry everyone’s boots in.

Final conclusion: Camelback is a great mountain and we had a great time. I would go back but I am just as interested in checking out other mountains. Camelback also reminds me that I have yet to find a ski mountain easier than Bear Creek.