Classes. My oldest will take any class I throw him in. My youngest is a little tougher. Here are the classes we have tried and what we think.

Swimming Lessons

Kid’s Swimming Lessons at 12th Street Gym

*I know a lot of families that are happy with group classes at the YMCA. I will say if you want your child to swim Judy and her team at 12th Street Gym are 100% the way to go. Be warned it is a little tough-love.

Goldfish Swim School, Fort Washington, PA

Don’t mind a 30 minute drive from Center City to swim in a tropical 90 degree pool? Then Goldfish Swim School is something you will love.


The Lara and Joe Show

*A gift to Philadelphia. This husband and wife duo have fans all across the city.

Mister Johns Music Class

*This is hands down the music class that everyone is talking about.

Toddler Guitar – We Kids Rock

*Very few people will teach toddlers how to play guitar. Bill is an excellent teacher and wonderful with little children. No, your child will not be Hendrix after these lessons but they will learn all about guitar basics.

My Little Adventures (NJ)

*My children have outgrown this wonderful place but if there was ever a family run business that we were happy to drive 30 minutes to it was anything at My Little Adventures.


Brooke Lanier Studio

*A fine artist that is willing to work with children. A rare find.

Portside Art Center

*The only reason this place is a hidden gem is because of its Port Richmond location. A wonderful place with a great variety of classes for children and adults.

Duck Duck Goose (NJ)

* Eco friendly and all about children. This spot is perfect for the mom or day that has a new crawler and is just looking for a safe and comfy place to go with their little one.

The Barnes Foundation

*Keep tabs on the Barnes b/c they have great free programs like pajama time for little ones. These free tickets are on-line and g fast.

The Philadelphia Art Museum

* This is one of the few places you should get a membership. The PMA run programs for your family from birth to teen. Most special event and classes are free with the price of admission.

YAYA CLAY/ Kensington

*Located in Kensington this giant working potters studio is open to kids and adult for classes and for birthday parties. Get our little one on a potters wheel or book a date night.

PAFA/ Center City


Philly InMovement,/ Queen Village

*Local favorite the kids here have created their very own little family.

Fusion Tumbling/ Fishtown

TNT Tumbling/ Cherry Hill

*If you want a serious gymnastics gym for your daughter this is the spot. I was disappointed in what they offered boys outside of the toddler classes.


Toddler Karate/ Northern Liberties

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