CoCo Key Indoor Water Resort, Mt Laurel, NJ

CoCo Key Waterpark

915 New Jersey 73  Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
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It is freezing out and we are taking the kids to CoCo Key Indoor Water Park. CoCo Key is in Mt. Laurel, NJ and about 15 minutes away once you are over the Ben or Betsy. As a parent of two little ones it seems great and a nightmare all at the same time. But with winter really setting in I am like a caged animal when I am home too much so off to CoCo Key, NJ we went.

Henry (2.5) was totally excited when he saw it and I would compare it to a smaller version of Sesame Place’s Count Splash Castle. But more managable and less hoofing it. They rent lockers for $6 but there are plenty of places to set up shop so you can skip those.

Right away you walk into the upper seating level and kiddie pirate pool. *Ollie is 12 months and learning to walk and since the water was 1′ deep this spot was tough for him because it was too deep to crawl. But it still was a great place for the boys to hang out.

Down one flight of stairs and you are in the CoCo Key mix. There is a lazy river, basketball grotto, indoor outdoor hot tub (18+), Parrot’s Perch, Lily Pad Adventure and three giant water slides. Parrot’s Perch is the main attraction with slides, rope climbs, shooting water gun and of course a huge bucket that dumps water on everyone every 20 minutes or so. There are both men, women and family changing rooms. I feel the need to note that the bathrooms are FREEZING but clean.

Overall it was a great trip. The boys loved just splashing around, it was not overcrowded and they were asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot…oh and Matt sneaked in and loved his solo trip down the giant water slide.

Know before you go:


1. The cost on the weekend is $32 (before tax) per person. (2 and under are free). During the week it is $24.

2. bring your own towels.

3. kids 2 and under are free

4. they do not allow outside food except baby food (I packed snacks and sandwiches and we ate them there anyway…outlaw is my middle name)

5. We did not try the food but it was overpriced: hot dog $3.50 and cheeseburger $6.00 (sneak and snack is my recommendation)

6. adults are not allowed to go down the slides with the kids (this is tough if your kids are little)

7. life guards are high school kids. There are plenty of them and they actually pay attention.

8. you can rent a locker for $6

9. the water is lukewarm. I wished it had been warmer

10. to get in drive in the hotel entrance and drive around to the side of the hotel for the parking lot.






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