Garden State Discovery Museum


2040 Springdale Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
(856) 424-1233
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Put the Please Touch Museum and Franklin Institute in a mixer and popped it in an Easy Bake Oven you have the Garden State Discovery Museum. A 30 minute trip into NJ is worth mixing it up a little.  The cost of admission is $10.95 for everyone over 12 months.

The place is one level with an open floor plan which I love and there are a ton of different little sections and each one has enough going on to keep even the most distracted members of the family tame…and I do mean me.

When we walked in it seemed overly DIY so I did not expect to like it as much as I did. It is not as polished as the Please Touch Museum and the Franklin Institute but it ended up being just as much if not more fun than our overcrowded regular spots. Even the hokey looking sections (like the giant Operation game table) ended up being a ton of fun. Since I am juggling a crawler and a runner the Little Discoveries section was where we spent most of our time. Both of the boys were entertained, contained and able to run or crawl to their hearts content with the ball pit, playhouse, horse barn, padded crawling pond and slide.

The 50’s diner, mini ice hockey rink is really well done, the Channel 6 TV studio is dated but still super cute and the construction zone was a big hit with the boys. My favorite was the giant Lite Brite and the giant bubble station. I would like to go back during craft time and maybe a performances in the Discovery Theater. Click here for event calendar.

The new dinosaur exhibit is small but interesting. They have a large dino dig pit which is fun but every once in a while the dinosaur sound effects go off and throw a wrench in the works. This is where I saw a lot of little ones clinging to confused parents. The noise is a cross between a hysterical child and an injured animal. The dinosaur section is small. I actually went specifically for this but found the rest of the museum more interesting.

If we end up going again I will buy a membership but I will really have to think about the timing of my trip. I will take city traffic over NJ burbs traffic any day of the week. Stay away from peak rush hour times and get your self out of there are back over the bridge before 5:00 p.m.!




  1. But it’s so, so dirty and run-down and there is NO management of running wild children (especially in the toddler ONLY section). To me, that place is a huge let-down.

    1. Author

      I have to agree. It is not my favorite and over crowded with school trips. The school trips I think bring children that are too old for what they have and create a huge problem for the little ones. It is just not the right balance.

  2. Thanks for a great review. I do like this place for my boys. The admission cost now (April 2012) is $11.95 or 12.95 each, which for a family of 3 is expensive, so I purchased a membership with an upgrade to visit other US museums.

  3. So we made it over there this past weekend with my toddler son of 2 years of age with his friend and we had a blast. Perfect for a toddler with a short attention span and and is always on the go. So many little ideas in one big floor plan, made it easy to go off with my son yet find the rest of your group. Highly recommend and will go back:)

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