211 N 13th St # 901
Philadelphia, PA

This year’s worst dining experience goes to Dmitri’s in Northern Liberties.

I now know why it is always empty. The food was typical Dmitri’s and fine. It was everything else that ruined my families night out. If you have toddlers take this place off your list or do take out.

Strike 1: They had three open 4 tops outside but because we were 2 adults and an infant they would only allow us to sit at a two top which is on the corner of a incredibly busy street.

When I said I was not comfortable seating our infant on a dangerous corner the hostess huffed, set down the high chair and walked away.

Strike 2: They had one waitress for the entire restaurant which is why I guess she was rude and impatient when we tried to order. We had to ask for the specials, bread and even water.

Strike 3: When my husband took my son home because he was getting fussy I waited 20 minutes for the check. Even then she never came back to the table and I had to flag someone down to pay my bill.

A restaurant that does not cater to families or that can’t even fake it will never make it in NL. The one in Rittenhouse at least fakes it better.

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