Frankfort Hall


1210 Frankfort Ave, Philadelphia, PA 
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 Let’s get down to the city basics right off the bat:

parking– check, open tables – check, food kids will eat– triple check, place is louder than my kids– check, food comes out before the first tantrum– check, games for all– check


Center City treats Northern Liberties and Fishtown like we are distance countries. So why not act like one, and with the addition of Frankfort Hall in Fishtown, I guess Germany is as good a place as any. Inspired by a German beer garden this is a spot that you walk into and dream about going back to. First thing you see is communal table after communal table. The line is blurred between the indoor and outdoor seating which makes everyone feel like they are dining al fresco.

The food was amazing. I know they got dinged for the food not being made in house by a local food critic but I have to tell you after day 12 of Henry asking for chicken nuggets and my repeatly failed attempts to eat dinner before 9:00 p.m. this was pretty spectacular. There was cheese in my sausage. Henry was so content he ate by himself and I did not hear a word out of him for 15 minutes. That is a lifetime in my world. I will say skip the cupcakes. My expectations were too high from our dinner and I expected more. Don’t worry they have soft serve as an alternative. We ate we drank and now I “heart” Frankfort Hall.

The one request I have is a changing table in the restroom (Dad’s too) so this place can truly be “bottoms up!” family friendly. Otherwise they get the Hipster Henry seal of approval. Take the kids and give everyone a night off!




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