Freedom Playground

Freedom Playground

3500 Darby Road , Haverford, PA 19041 
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Today could have not been any less in my favor. The kids were fussy the weather was gloomy and I had a whole day ahead of me to keep everyone happy and myself sane. Clouds or no clouds I packed lunch, the boys, the ipad and we set out again to take on the route to the Main Line for Freedom Playground. The idea is that the playground is accessible for handicapped children and adults. In reality it is the perfect size for rambuncious toddlers.

Freedom Playground is in Havertown, PA which is a good 35-40 minutes outside the city. It really is only 12 miles away but with 76, City Line and Lancaster Ave the traffic really slows you down.

At Freedom Playground everything is low and easy to navigate from the slides to the steps to the climbing equiptment. The place is a little maze like which Henry loved. He ran all over that place for an hour. There is also a large sandbox at the one end and a horizontal climbing wall which was a nice switch from the vertical ones. There are three sections of slides and towards the back there is a large boat where the kids can hide in the bottom…all with out ducking.

Because the playground has a special cushioned floor (another bonus) you are not allowed to take any food or drinks into the playground area. There is a large pavillion connected to the playground where I left our stuff (including my wallet and didn’t even think twice about it…shhhh). There are bathrooms there but they were locked on the day we were there. They are probably open on the weekends.


Target ages are all over for this one. Ollie & Henry loved it. As we were having lunch a group of boys ranging in age from 7 to 9 years old ran by us and yelled “I LOVE THIS PLACE.”

Even with the weather not in our favor I still give this playground a thumbs ups. But because of the distance I will probably wait until next year to go back when my nap schedule is more flexible.

For more pictures of Freedom Playground check out HipsterHenry

The playground is large and set in the middle of the Havertown Community Park which is basically the Four Seasons of parks. The place is immaculate with turf fields and glamour dog parks. It is a great way to fill a morning if you don’t mind getting through traffic to get there.

How to get there:

The website actually does a great job at this so I will leave it to the experts: Click Here 


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