From Me to You on Getting REJECTED

The frustrating struggle of finding your child the right school in Philadelphia is about to hit its peak. You my friends are about to find out if your precious baby has been rejected, accepted, wait-listed, or number 324 in the ICS school lottery.

I get it I have been there. I am still confused as to how The Philadelphia School did not accept Henry. I really thought we killed that interview. I looked like I got hit with the J. Crew stick, my ex-husband and I even demonstrated how well we co-parent together, like an ABC Family sitcom, I mean come on. Henry was awesome at his playdate he didn’t even flinch when we left him. Alas, they were sorry to say at this time that Henry would not be accepted to TPS. When I tell this story I always follow it up with the fact that they had so many sibling preference spots that year to fill… that is why he didn’t get in. Even I know that statement is just to make myself feel better. I have no idea what I cold have done better in that interview or all those open houses we sat through.

And Friends Select we got in but without financial aid so that was like dangling a big giant carrot. I admit it I got pretty hung up on that pool and roof top field. I got totally sucked in by all the sports glamour. When we were on the tour I could not figure out if Mandarin was the right language for Henry to take. I mean I was in deep.

As for Independence Charter School (ICS) we literally were number 324. I never even toured the school or went to anything they had there. I just knew we needed to throw our hat in the ring. By the way the families that do make it into ICS are awesome to watch because they are so excited but so terrified to show it because they know pretty much everyone around them just got rejected. (We love you Esme and Ashir)

The truth is you can jump though all the hoops and still not get invited to the circus. That is why I always encourage you guys to apply to as many schools as possible.
I really took the rejections to heart to. It felt like someone was telling our family that they were not good enough. Another thing, if you have been rejected or wait listed good luck getting someone on the phone or getting admissions to return an email. The smiling, courting, and showing off is over and shit just got real. I just want to prepare you.
In the end Henry did get accepted to St. Peter’s School and youngest Ollie is there now too. The same St. Peter’s School that was never on my list until we went to their open house. The same St. Peter’s School that was last on my list even when I did add it. The same St. Peter’s School that is now filled with some of my favorite people, kids and teachers. The same St. Peter’s School that has done nothing but love my boys and give my family an amazing community.

I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t dream about the Friend’s Select pool, because I do. But I also thank my lucky stars that I get to drop Henry and Ollie off at school that I love.

And if you get rejected… Just don’t take it so hard. This website has gone in an entirely new direction in the past two years and it is all about showing you how many amazing schools are in our city.