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The Funplex: Outdoor Attractions

3320-24 Route 38, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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Funplex has an indoor and outdoor section. This winter the boys fell in love with all the indoor attractions. To read our review on that click here. This summer (2015) I chose a 102 degree Monday to test out the outdoor attractions and water park. This place is still one of the boys all time favorite places to go. I did end up buying season passes for all three of us. It pays for itself after three visits and my boys literally can spend 4-5 hours at Funplex and they do everything a million times so I do feel like I get my money’s worth. The will be increasing the size of the waterpark for next year.

IMG_6993After going a few times and talking to some other parents the key to the Funplex is timing.  Funplex offers discounted ticket rates in the morning or after 3:00 p.m. during the week. Go at those times. Those are the least crowded times – hence the discount. The second time we did the outside attractions I took the boys first things on a Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We stayed until 2:00 p.m. and had a great time. We had friends that went to a birthday party around 6:00 p.m. on that same day and they had a very different experience. Funplex can be overwhelming but we have been lucky and hit it at the right times.

Basically it is like a carnival but clean and with lifeguards instead of “carnies”. There are bumper boats, a tilt-a-whirl, basic roller coaster (we were too small), fun twister (they were too scared), free fall (they loved this), Go karts (we skipped), pool (hopped in and out a few times). However is was the Splash’n Speedway won them over instantly.

IMG_6978If you have ever been to Dutch Wonderland the water section is about the same size but a little bigger. Splash’n Speedway is a very manageable water structure with two large slides and multiple smaller slides. You can see your kids the majority of the time and the slides are not super fast…which for little ones is actually pretty great. Every 15 minutes a giant water bucket spills over the whole thing and soaks everyone. The Splash’n Speedway is where I set up shop. There are plenty of chair in the sun and in the shade and this is our home base. The park my bag here and we bop in between all the rides and this is where I take a break when they let me. IMG_7002

I think the lifeguards have a tough job. You are not allowed to run and they are constant blowing their whistles and yelling at kids. I think they are yelling more so kids can hear them over the sound of the water then to be mean. I watched them do their best as little ones innocently budged in line. They kept it as fair as possible. Honestly all the kids were excited and super nice. The lifeguards stopped the few older tweens that were there from playing tag so they did not run into the other kids. They are super on it and there are plenty of them. In between getting doused with the giant water bucket and trips down the slide I was able to grab a seat and watch the boys run speed-walk around the Splash’n Speedway.


In the larger pool it was pretty busy. The wake from all the kids moving around caused my youngest to have a little trouble. I was right there but an older child reached over and helped him scoot 2″ to a higher part. All the older kids were actually really friendly (sorry but that always amazes me :).


The outdoor amusement part is all part of it. The free fall ride the boys were able to do alone. I went on several times but it was nice that they could run over when they wanted and do it without me. The two mini golf courses were also high on the boys list of favorites.

Price wise this is the deal. You can buy ultimate passes which range from $25 to $35. That means you can do 99% of everything there. You can also only buy passes for what you want to do but honestly that rolls up. There are height requirements on everything but all of that is laid out online for each attraction.


  • The bathrooms are located inside on the other side of the arcade. If you are in a bathing suite with a wet child that is pretty much the only bummer. Throw on a cover up and make it happen.
  • You cannot bring in outside food and the food there is nuggets and pizza. I had a chicken sandwich for $8. It was exactly what you think it was. Let’s leave it at that. I snuck in some snacks and we were fine.
  • There are lockers but they are a once time use of $0.50. That means if you open it once to grab something you have to put in another $0.50 to use it again. I do hate that but when you compare it to $20 at Sesame Place it is kind of alright.
  • Parking is free. Again this place is not as big as Sesame Place but they are charging $15 to $18 for parking.
  • The only things the boys could not go on were the coaster and I had to go on the bumper boats with them one at a time. Honestly there was plenty to do! I did not feel slighted or like little fishes in a big pond.
  • My kids love to to the inside and outside. I literally pack a bag with a few snacks and two towels and that is all we need.

We had a great time. The boys asked to go back the next day. Their smiles said it all and we stayed from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and I thought we got our money’s worth.

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