Giggleberry Fair

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Giggleberry Fair

5750 Upper York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938



We took a ton of pictures during our trip to Giggleberry Fair. Check them out on Flickr.

We all have slide burn, lived to tell the tale, and they already asked if they could go back next week. Let’s talk Giggleberry Fair. Giggleberry Fair is located among all the shops at Peddler’s Village which is about 45-50 minutes from Philadelphia.  It is a smaller than the boys are used to but easily passed the two-hour test. Giggleberry Fair has a carousel, Giggleberry Mountain, arcade and toddler play space. To do everything it cost $22 / person. The includes unlimited carousel rides, Giggleberry Mountain, $10 arcade credit and the Toddler Play space.

GBF obstacale course finalGBF bottom final

Giggleberry Mountain: I have no idea what these structures are called but Giggle Mountain is a series of levels that kids reach through climbing nets, crawling, moving through obstacle courses and rollers. The base and balcony level has the air guns that blast soft balls all over the place. You can fill up the center cannon and they all explode at once or man an air gun and be a bit more precise with your target. The one at Giggleberry Fair is massive and the biggest one we have been in yet. It makes the one at FunPlex look like child’s play. The boys went crazy over it. As soon as they saw it and before I had a chance to get our wrist bands they sprinted over to it and started taking off their shoes.

Here is the deal. It is great for kids that can go in on their own. I went in the boys because I also love these things but they were gone before I even got my shoes off. They liked the fact that we were all separated and trying to find each other if you have a climber this places is great but they can also get in a little bit of a pickle because it is a bit of a maze in there. To get to the top you have to be able to fit through the roller and crawl under the different level. Just make sure you are up for that if you are taking a child under 3 years old.

The purple and yellow slide. That sucker is crazy fast. The entrance is all the way at the top. It is a long, twisty, but speedy way done. We all got a little slide burn trying to slow down. That said it did not stop us from going down it over and over again.

GBF Puppet Show final

Toddler Section:I really thought my boys (4+6)would think this section was to babyish for them but they loved it. There is a really great water play station, costumes and a fire truck, a stage with puppets for a puppet show but what they really loved were the motorized rides. You know the ones that they have outside the arcade on the boardwalk. What I really loved about them is that they were free. No digging in my purse, no looking for quarters. For the first time they got to ride as much as they wanted. Who knew this was on their bucket list?

GBF Hall final

Arcade:When I see an arcade in a place I immediately sigh. I hate when they spend time and my money in the arcades at places. This arcade was actually pretty cool and we had a lot of fun. You load up a “credit card” will a certain dollar amount and swipe the game you want to play. Most game give tickets but the ticket value is stored on the card which means I am not stuck holding stacks of tickets. The games are clean, new and actually a ton a fun. We went on a Thursday and the current promotion was Double Ticket Thursday so their final point value was doubled which let them get more prizes.

GBF carosel final

Carousel:There is a giant carousel right as you walk in. Parents are able to ride with their children for free.

Cafe: There is a cafe in the Giggleberry Fair that sells pizza, hot dogs, and all the usual suspects. I packed lunched in a cooler in the car. I always do this to save money because the boys love to order food but not eat it.

GBF birthday set up final

Birthday Party Set-up: They do birthday parties and my youngest already asked if he could have his birthday part there.

Final Thoughts:

I tool a look at their YELP reviews. Most people are complaining about the cost. I have to say they are right inline with the competition…actually a few dollars less. They think they did a price increase from when they first opened but if this is your first time, like us you don’t have anything to compare it too. The size of the space is actually idea. Two hours is my max at most places and Giggleberry Fair has enough to keep them busy and easily past the two hour test. The arcade games are the different then I have seen and new they were perfect for the boys ages of 4+6. I would easily take them to Giggleberry Fair again.

Wear mom performance gear so you can really take on Giggleberry Fair. For me that would mean leggings and a long sleeve. You need to be able to contort yourself to get to the top and you need to protect yourself when you are going down that mega fast slide. Trust me.