How It All Started

IMG_5567The reason I created and still run is because I think parents need a trustworthy resource when it comes to finding activities for their family in Philadelphia. It started when I read a write up about a play-place in a popular local magazine. I took my young family and we had a horrible time. The place was complete chaos, not clean, not worth the money, and nothing like the magazine portrayed it to be. My family did not get to spend enough quality time together so the experience really frustrated me.

River Rink ADK chairWhen I learned that the majority of the blogs and magazines I was reading praised places like the one I visited because they were paid too or they were more concerned about advertisers then the recommendations they were making to their reader I decided to launch Hipster Henry “The Parent’s Guide to Philadelphia.” If you are reading a blog and everything on their website is “amazing,” “the best,” a must do” then you know they are being paid to tell you that. Not everything is amazing and we are the only ones not afraid to tell you that.

Hipster Henry Logo - Horizontal_11-15 - FinalNamed after my oldest son we started writing about all our daily adventures in and around Philadelphia. People say we are one of the busiest families in the city. I always shrug that statement off but when I look at the Things to Do Page even I get overwhelmed with the amount of places we have reviewed in and around Philadelphia. We have been to every single place on that page expect for maybe two in which a mom friend reviewed for us.

IMG_1792In each review we try to give you the lay of the land, tips to make the trip easier, more affordable, pictures so you know what to expect, and of course our recommendation on if the place is a hit with the kids or an absolute miss. My goal is to give you enough information about a place for you to decide if it is right for your family.

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Thanks for reading!

Sibyl Lindsay
Hipster Henry