Jellybean Jungle: Marlton, New Jersey

Jellybean Jungle

Crispin Square Shopping Center
230 N. Maple Ave.
Marlton, NJ 08053
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Again we went over the bridge and through the toll to New Jersey to check out the Jellybean Jungle.  I was interested in Jellybean Jungle because it is for kids five and under. Since my posse contains a runner and a crawler this sounded like a perfect place to try. I knew about this place but the pictures on the website made it look a little hokey but another mom recommended it so I thought we would go for it.

The inside has the DIY look of the Garden State Children’s Museum. It is small but has a really good layout and the boys loved the different sections. Henry was really intimidated by the large multi level net maze at Monkey Town but did not hesitate to take over the smaller multi level version at Jellybean Jungle. Parents are allowed in the net maze with their kids which enabled me to take Ollie through too. There are a ton of tubes and slides throughout the maze. This kept the boys busy for a while. It can get a little crampted for adults just as a heads up. The boys were also a huge fan of the ball pit section. There are two separate ball pits and plenty of rooms to play.

Henry loved playing on the different slides, the mini ticket booth, manual carousel and see saw toys. He also liked taking a break in a tiny room in the back that is just for crawlers. You are allowed to bring in your own food and there is actually a large nice seating area. Overall the boys had a good time and it was busy but not crowded at all.

When I talk with other parents one of the big issues that comes up is other parents. So I feel obligated to mention that on the day I went there seem to be a mom group there that was totally cliquey. They were almost rude and it was really odd. They pretty much just stared at me and were incredibly uninviting. Truth be told that stuff does not bother me but I do think it is worth mentioning. Don’t expect to be doing any bonding here.

The staff however…super nice and helpful.

See all the pictures of our trip to Jellybean Jungle on Hipster Henry Flickr


Once again I drove around in circles before I found it. Here are the Map Quest directions. When you get into the shopping center / strip mall it is striaght back tucked in the corner and super hard to see. Trust me it is there.

Things I loved…

The little boy that kept asking me if I had seen Mark

The Mom that kept yelling for Marky-Marky (popular kid)

The Jersey accents were super strong here for some reason

It was clean

Plenty of room for snack break

Plenty of cubbies and space for shoes and coats

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