Keystone Mini-Golf and Arcade

Keystone Outside

Keystone Mini-Golf + Arcade



It is official. BYOB has hit the mini golf world. Keystone Mini-Golf and Arcade has opened up in Kennsington and we took a little trip to check it out. Like all things past Spring Garden Street it is a converted factory type space transformed by 20 somethings. Where the hipster crew sees a novel place to kick back some craft brews from the Foodery… I see birthday party gold.

Keystone inside

You see… the guys of Keystone have the mini golf part BUT they also have a large patio space out back. Me being me sized it up ASAP. Electricity. Check.  Enough room for a Bouncy Castle. Check. Plenty of room for adult drinks and whatever else you can think of. Check. Check and Check.

 Now they have big plans for this space come spring and I am guessing so will everyone else after they take the tour. Yes, this place is rough around the edges but if you have vision you have the ultimate kiddie party space.  At the time I am writing this Keystone is $100 hr with a  two hour minimum for up to 15 kids (please confirm with Keystone before booking), you can bring in all your own food or have it delivered. Decorate it yourself or go with Keystone’s signature golf theme.

Keystone Patio

I get more emails then I can count asking about places for birthday parties. For my DIY Mom that needs to entertain both adults and kids and need a blank space with some activity this one is for you. For those of you that don’t venture into Kennsington don’t worry you will be fine and there is a parking lot and lots of new construction in this up and coming section of the city.

Keystone prices

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