Laboratory Charter School

800 N Orianna St,
Philadelphia, PA 19123


Mom #1 : Age of Child: 5, Gender: Male

Was this the school of your first choice?: YES

Are you currently happy at this school?:  YES

Do you think your child will finish up to 8th grade at their current school?: YES

What are your biggest concerns about your child’s school?:

A lot of work – very challenging. A lot of homework.

What do you love most about your child’s school?:

The work pays off! My son is doing very well, and learning much more than he would at a normal public school. His teacher is amazing and very willing to help anytime!

What are 3-5 things you would tell a close friend that is considering the school your child is at?:

– There is a lot of homework
– Children get 30 min of Spanish and 30 min of French each day
– After 3 months, my son can do 90% of his homework (including writing book reports) on his own
– Top 10 elementary schools in the state


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