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Miss Ophelia

Papaya Theater / Painted Bride Art Center / 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia / 215-925-9914


We recently discovered Papaya Theater thanks to our friends over at Perpetual Motion PR. Just when I thought I had really exhausted the city Papaya pops up. Papaya is PA Performing Arts for Young Audiences and it is located at Painted Bride Theater in Old City.

The term performance art freaks me out but Papaya has actually bridged that gap. They are bringing families live theater from other parts of the world that is creative, interactive, and totally different without freaking me out.

Miss Ophelia is coming up February 5th – 9th. I have really mundane reasons why I want to see it. It looks so creative, adorable and totally different. I love when people make performances like this available to families. I mean read the description:

Ophelia is going to be a great actress who will travel the world – or at least that is what her parents want for her. When her tiny voice derails the dream, Ophelia stumbles upon a shadow that belongs to no one, and takes the solitary silhouette under her wing. When more shadows arrive, she tucks them into her little purse and soon, unlikely (and unforgettable!) friendships are forged as Ophelia and her sidekicks deliver extraordinary shadow puppet theatre.

If you read the blog you know that I push parents to take kids to live theater. I took my oldest when he was 2 to Robin Hood at Arden. It could have been a massacre and I was prepared to evacuate at any moment but you know what…he loved it. Papaya is a good place to road test your kids if you have been wanting to do something different.

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