Mister John’s Music Class


Now Appearing AT Philly P.A.C.K
729 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia PA 19147 / website

Mister John’s music class is fun for babies AND parents/caregivers. Our group, adorably named ‘the Teenies’, is specifically designed for babies 6-12 months old. To sign up, I went to Mister John’s website and on the ‘classes’ page there’s a button on the top that says ‘click here for a free trial class.’ I chose the day and time of the class I wanted to join and received a confirmation the same day that the class we requested was available. I took a chance and requested a class two days from the time I signed up, but we got in.


The class is located at Philly P.A.C.K. on 4th Street. We drove to class and found nearby free street parking (2 hour limit was more than enough time). We parked our stroller inside with about 10 other strollers. I only mention this because stroller parking was tight, haphazard, and caused a slight delay when class was over. Also, this was a shoes off affair.
DSC_0165Now the fun could begin. We circled up with moms/caregivers (all the adults happened to be female at this class) and other babies and Mister John was already singing and playing a large drum. Everyone was encouraged to participate, adults often guided to play a certain rhythm or chime a bell when called upon. Mister John also made the class fun for the adults by incorporating a mix of children’s and contemporary songs. In fact, the class we attended was during ‘Bruce Springsteen week.’
There were more instruments (shakers, guitar) and props (puppets, a treasure box of autumn leaves), each accompanied by group participation and Mister John’s singing. My son and I both really enjoyed each new song/activity. And if that’s all I said, that would be a fair assessment of the class but I have to also state the obvious; that the babies were everywhere. Some were crawling, hitting the large drum, trying to play Mister John’s guitar while he was also playing it, eating fabric leaves and basically carrying on as babies do. But Mister John never missed a beat (forgive the pun) and was extremely skilled at handling this level of chaos…while continuing to sing!
When class was over, Mister John explained how the classes work. He breaks them up into “sessions”, explaining that he does this to encourage a sense of community between the adults in the group. This is such a thoughtful detail that I forgave the minor confusion around how the payment works for the classes if you start in the middle of a session, which you are welcome to do.
We will be singing up for the remainder of this fall session and will likely sign up for the following session.