Revolution House: Old City

Revolution House

200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Continental Downtown was slow to open and with Ollie I am usually on a tight schedule. So Ollie and our guest of the day Donamarie hopped across the street to Revolution House. I have to tell you I am used to not loving the restaurants in Old City because that is where I would drink in my younger days and there is just a kind of dirty, same old same feel down there. Besides the fact that this morning I seems to be on the same path as every firetruck in the city the area is just too congested and parking is a crap shoot.

Revolution House made me eat my words….

The first thing that is always worth commenting on is that the staff was not bothered by kids. Next thing is that they have highchairs and they don’t pack the tables in so there was plenty of space….for Ollie’s loud but thankfully short-lived tantrum. The menu is family friendly with healthy options which is rare. There are flavorful sandwiches, homemade pizzas and salads. I grabbed the quinoa salad with tomatoes, avocado and corn. The salad was a great size and rocked. That’s right I am getting hyped up about quinoa. It was so good that Ollie would stop eating it. First healthy thing I have been able to get in him all week. Another thing that is super important when dining out with Ollie is speed. We placed our order and before we knew it it was in front of us. The staff was great, social and always available. It was super clean, does not smell like a bar and yes, there is room for your stroller. I think for locals and tourist travleing with kids this is a good spot to grab a bite.

Old City can be a night mare when it comes to parking so I would go to Front and Market, make a right and take one of space you see to the left. The restaurant is a quick 2 mini old city blocks away.

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