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They call it Israeli street food I call it magic. Anyone that really knows me knows I love going to Zahav. The resturant is big but warm and cozy and they don’t pack you in there which means your server is the only one that will overhear your conversation. The food is hands down amazing every time we go. Zahav is kid friendly too. The servers are kind, love kids and the place is busy enough that no one will notice a kiddie shreak here or there. If you are going with a large party you have to get the lamb shoulder. Even if you do not like lamb, find it gamey and it is your least favorite thing in the world….you will kick yourself if you do not do the Mesibah (Party Time) tasting menu with the slow roasted lamb shoulder.

Here is what we order: menu

1. Salatim with humus- I mean I would actually request just this for my last meal

2. Crispy Haloumi

3. House Smoked Sable

4. Persimmon Salad

5. Braised Beef Cheeks

6. Crispy Branzino

Dessert…you can’t go wrong.

Drinks: I am a sucker for the cherry lemonade and the mint tea with dessert but their cocktails and as amazing as they are exotic.


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