Orchards / Farms

If you are looking for a farm or orchards to break up the city noise you are looking at a 30-45 minute drive. Once you are there you will have plenty to do so the trip will be worth it. I find that everyone has a favorite and it usually depends on where they live.

Johnson’s Corner Farm


Just for reference we do get a season pass to Johnson’s Corner Farm. It is a go 30-40 minutes from our house but the boys spend hours there making it always worth the trip.  Read more about Johnson’s here…

Linvilla Orchards

Ollie at Linvilla

For me Linvilla is a tougher drive but it is always good to throw into the mix. To see how Linvilla compares to Johnson’s Corner Farm click here…

Shady Brooke Farms

So far we have only done Shady Brooke Farms in the winter for their light show. We hope to make it out there in the warmer month. Since it is only 30 minutes away it is just a quick trip up 95 N and a great way to mix things up.

SBF Fire

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