Our Garden Playschool

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Our Garden Playschool

1542 E. Montgomery Ave, Phila, PA 19125


Every neighborhood has a heart. For the families of Fishtown its heart is By My Side. By My Side was created by Teri Ramsay as a place for families to come together and find the support and sense of community that they need in a busy city. As the neighborhood has grown from babies to toddlers so has By My Side with the creation of Our Garden Playschool. Our Garden has 3, 4, and 5 day programs from 9am-3pm for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old. After-school from 3pm to 6pm is also available. The class sizes are small by design and with its connection to By My Side and the use of its giant playroom and already established programs it provides a full day fill with personalized attention.

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Our Garden Maps doneI am reading through the Our Garden Parent Handbook for this review. Don’t get me wrong, it is well written and tells you about a safe environment that will cultivate a love for learning in your child. What it can’t convey is the warmth and personality of this group. I know the program and the staff at Our Garden because I met them at the By My Side evening playgroups when our kids were babies. I met them when I was at my worst with two boys under 2 years old, exhausted and overwhelmed. I showed up with a kid in each arm in sweatpants, crazy hair and another mom offered me coffee and mutually distracted conversation as we watched our kids zip around the playroom.

By My Side through its Our Garden Playschool is slowly taking over and remodeling space in Atonement Church where it is located. I know other places are in fancier buildings. But I also know that the devotion of the staff compares to very few places in our city.

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Again I have lived in a lot of different neighborhoods and this parent community definitely gets the prize for the most tattoos. Even though mine are not visible they have accepted me as one of their own and if you are tattoo deficient I am sure they will accept you to.

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