Guided Meditation + Thai Massage


Pacific Yoga

Restorative Yoga + Thai Massage

SATURDAY, April 11th 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Our April 10th Guided Meditation and Thai Massage Event with Pacific Yoga sold out pretty quickly but don’t worry they run this event monthly. Like most moms I have a packed daily schedule making everyone is happy, well adjusted, well mannered, behaved, challenged, cultured and fed…and then I go to work 🙂 Getting me to slow down, breath and relax is almost impossible so when I read out Pacific Yoga’s monthly Restorative Yoga or Guided Meditation combined with Thai Massage I pretty much contacted the owner Nicole ASAP. Two instructors with calming voices and hands lead the two hour session. While one instructor guides your through a pose or meditation another instructor is moving around the room to each person performing Thai Massage techniques. The dim lit studio is cozy and even though it is nestles in the busy neighborhood of Fishtown you feel worlds away. I am really happy I found this studio and even happier to support these guys in all they do for giving moms a little “me time.” If you missed the sign up for this event make sure you check out Pacific Yoga’s next event. Namaste ….I have to go conquer my to do list now 🙂



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